I wouldn’t call myself a singer. I like to sing but that doesn’t necessarily say I’m a good singer. Compared to the things I’ve seen and done in my life I will probably consider you as far from crazy as possible.

"Well that’s good. Some people think I’m insane." he laughed. “‘Specially when Frankie starts getting into his funk. He just adds to it. But I mean, hey. Even if you like to sing, nobody is entitled to see you go on a stage. It’s perfectly okay if you don’t like to perform." he smiled at her. "Got it, miss?"

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    "No and it certainly doesn’t sound appealing to me. I will have to ask Renesmee about Pokemon it might be something that...
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    "I can see why that would be bad." he chuckled. "Ohh, you’ve never heard of Star Wars or Pokemon? Well Pokemon is like a...